Wireless Lapel Mic Systems from only £25 per day.

Audio presentation equipment, ideal for corporate and private event presentations. Areas covered; Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and Tameside.

Here at JetWave, we have audio presentation equipment available to hire to make your corporate or private event sound highly professional.

Basic System:

Man with lapel microphone
Tie Clip Microphone or Hand-Held
AKG 400m series
Wireless Mic System

Simply plug the output of the receiver in to your own sound system.

HD Video Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth: £55/day

15000 Lumens with crisp and sharp image. Comes with remote control.

Will connect to virtually any source including; iPhone/iPad/Laptop/Android/VGA/HDMI/USB

Projector stand – Included with Projector

Complete System with Compact PA and all cables.

Body Pack t/x
AKG PT400 Beltpack Transmitter
Line Array KPA500
240 Watt Line Array PA
PA Road Ready in Protective covers
  • 1 x KUSTOM KPA500 Line Array System
  • 1 x AKG professional wireless system with lavalier lapel mic.

Total cost for basic system shown above is £100 per day or £250 per 7-day week. We have other options for reproduction too; including a 1kw PA system for bigger venues and outdoor events. Click here to take you to the PA Systems page.

Belt Pack UHF Transmitter
Belt Pack UHF Transmitter
Fully assembled KPA500
Full Range 240 watt System
Rear of Main Unit showing connections

Hand-held radio mic
If the lapel mic is not required we can substitute for a hand-held at no extra cost.

Book now; Tel: 0161 439 3951

Presenter’s Lectern/Podium for speeches and presentations £95 per day.

This high-quality lectern features a built-in hyper-cardioid, electret condenser microphone specifically designed to pick up the human speaking voice without having to get too close. The system may be plugged directly into an available PA system from the line output which is on XLR.

Alternatively, JetWave can supply any one of our PA systems from portable battery powered to 1000w room filler. Please see our PA systems section.

Lectern Daily Hire Rate: £95

Wooden Lectern with Gooseneck Microphone
KAM Portable (battery and Mains) PA speaker with built-in Radio Microphone (choice of handheld or headworn) and Bluetooth Player. 240Watts output. This unit is £40 to hire per day/weekend.
Rear of KAM Portable speaker showing connections and controls.

email: jetwave.co.uk

Click here for Viennas very own microphone company www.akg.com