PA Hire Stockport.

PA Systems for Hire – Self Operated From £65 per night or weekend!

Ideal for small bands/solo artists/presentations/wedding speeches/announcements, dance classes – we operate services supplying PA Hire in Stockport.

Basic system – £65 all in – including delivery!


  • 1 x Pair KAM RZ12A V3 Active, 500Watt, Full range 12″ loudspeaker cabinets (lightweight ABS construction)
  • 1 x Pair Tripod speaker stands
  • 1 x Studiomaster Club XS8 mixer with 4 x mic channels, USB, Bluetooth and 2 stereo inputs + digital FX including all power and audio cables for connecting iPads etc.
KAM RZ12 Speakers with Stands
Studiomaster Club XS8

All this will easily fit in a small car.

Extras if required;

  • Vocal Microphones £5 each
  • Drum Microphones £15 set of 5
  • Radio Microphone £20
  • Mic Stands £2 each
  • Stage Foldback Monitors £10 each
  • Marshall 80w Valve Guitar Amp £20

HK AUDIO Professional System

1 Kilowatt with Sub-Bass unit and Pro-Mixer

Complete system available, easy to transport.  It will all fit in an estate car or most 4x4s & SUVs.

£150 for the Weekend!

Complete PA sound system comprises;

  • 1 x 15″ Sub woofer (bass) includes 1000 watts of power to also drive main speakers
  • 2 x 8×1″ mid-high units (Speaker units that can attach to the stands)
  • Tripod Stands
  • Cables (power/speaker/mic and line)
  • Mixer with built-in FX (12 mic channels + 4 stereo inputs)
  • Microphones (vocal type)
  • Microphone Stands (tripod type)
  • Floor Monitors (for foldback to the artist(s)) 1 x powered + 1 x Slave

1000w HK Audio PA sound system for hire suitable for bands, duos, solo artists and presentations.  Complete with microphones, mic stands, 16 channel mixer and all cables with easy-set-up instructions.  Also, how to operate the mixer and set up video link here!

LUCAS 1000 in road ready mode

HK Audio LUCAS 1000 PA System
YAMAHA MG16/6 mixer in Flight Case
YAMAHA MG16/6 mixer in Flight Case
Vocal mic package
Set of 4 mics + Cables and stands

Floor monitors

Pair of Floor Monitors (1 x powered + 1 x slave)

Additional Items for hire to enhance your set-up…

Add a Wireless Radio Mic for only £20!

Hand-held radio mic

Add a Set of 5 x Drum Microphones with Drum Rim Clips and all cables for only £20

Set of Drum mics

Add a stereo compressor/noise gate to tighten-up drums or control vocal dynamics for only £10

Stereo compressor/gate
Samson S.Com

Add a professional 12:4 stage box and 15m multicore for only £15.  

Stage Box
Stage box and 15 metre (50 feet) multicore

12 mic inputs and 4 returns for foldback

No Extra Charge Over the Weekend!

Our per night charge is fully inclusive and is even better value at the weekend.  The daily rate will cover you from friday evening until monday morning!  All we ask for is a deposit (in cash) equal to one nights hire.  This is fully refundable on the safe return of the unit.


The unit will be delivered to the place it is being used at by our transport but the responsibility for the return is with the hirer.  All goods to be returned between 10.00am and 12.00 midday on the following weekday.  Alternatively, we offer a collection service for £10 which operates on sundays and mondays.

Book now; Tel: 0161 439 3951

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