This is where we have tried to answer some popular questions asked by our customers. We hope you find the answers that you are looking for, if not please contact us at info@jetwave.co.uk or telephone 0161 439 3951

Q. How tall is the karaoke machine?

A. 112cm (44″)

Q. Can I collect the equipment from you?

A. No, unfortunately. We are only able to deliver to the venue where the equipment is being used.  This is mainly from an insurance point of view – the equipment is only insured for transit in our vehicles.

Q. Are you a local business?

A. Yes, we are based in Bramhall and provide our services throughout South Manchester and North East Cheshire.

Q. How many 13 amp sockets does the karaoke machine need?

A. One

Q. Do you set it all up and show us how to work it?

A. Yes – one of our engineers will deliver the karaoke machine and make sure it is all operational.

Q. Can I connect the Karaoke machine to our TV set at home?

A. Yes, although the machines have the older VGA connections, we can supply an HDMI interface box that enables the lyrics to be displayed on a big screen.

Q. How many watts is the karaoke?!

A.  About 35 watts RMS – enough for most lounge/kitchen environments.

Q. Are the speakers built-in to the unit?

A. Yes, it has low frequency (bass) speakers in the pedestal and stereo speakers above the screen.

Q. Do you get woofers and tweeters with it?

A. Yes, you get both.

Q. Can I connect the audio outputs into my TV’s speakers or Sound Bar?

A. Yes, it is possible but not recommended as the dynamic range of vocal microphones exceeds the capability of domestic HiFi systems and runs the risk of ‘blowing’ the speakers in the TV/Soundbar. If you need extra power you will need auxiliary speakers as per our ‘Platinum’ package. (see price list)

Q.  Can I connect an iPad/iPhone/Android or Laptop to the karaoke machine to hear our own music?

A. Yes, we can supply a cable that will interface Lightning, USB type C or 3.5mm jack to the machines line input – please specify at time of booking confirmation.

Q. How do I add extra tracks to the karaoke?

A. Look at the song list on the website and if the track(s) you require are not listed, we can normally obtain these and put them on a separate USB stick. The cost is £2.99 per song.

Q.  Do the karaoke machines come with radio microphones?

A. No.  The mics supplied are professional dynamic, hand-held cardioid pattern and exceed the quality of most wireless mic systems. 

Q. Can I add a radio mic if required?

A.  Yes.  We have professional systems that can be interfaced – please see our price list.

Q. Is it possible to use the PA and/or karaoke equipment outdoors?

A. Yes, but only if under cover such as a gazebo and customer must supply mains power.

Q. How do I sing in tune?

A. If you can’t answer, for the benefit of the audience, it might be better if you hired a DJ.

Q. Does it have ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams?

A. Yes, but unless you ARE Robbie Williams, we wouldn’t recommend attempting it.

A. Same goes for ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney for the girls.

Q.  Got any Quo?

A. Yes.